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Calabria holds an unimaginable beauty and it will leave you breathless. A continuous change of scenery, starting from the north coast with enchanting and always different views, flat areas with endless sight, green hills with olive trees, or sometimes, a more rugged setting, dotted with bushes and Mediterranean trees, like when passing through the magnificent mountains of Pollino, Sila, Serre Vibonesi and Aspromonte. The sea, with its vast scale of blue shades will give you the opportunity to enjoy both the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea, only a few kilometers away. What more? Culture of course…. every place has a (magnificent) story to tell. The great food; rich and tasty and with just the right amount of spice. But the best thing in Calabria is the hospitality, the warmth of the people and their genuine smile, people that will be happy to assist 24/7!  All of this and then some will want to make you long for your return to Calabria!  All of us at the Rocca della Sena Boutique Hotel Sea View in Tropea are waiting for you with a unique experience.



In the center of the beautiful Costa degli Dei “Gods’ coast”, on the Tyrrhenian Sea not far from Vibo Valentia, Tropea is the most famous and po...

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Torre Marrana - Itinerary

11- km easy / medium - slightly flat

Torre Marrana (Tower) is a lookout tower situated in an isolated position than the other towers, above the Brivadi’s village. Built in the XIV centu...

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Torre Marino - Itinerary

9.5 km - Easy - Flat

This lookout tower was built in the sixteenth century. Torre Marino was the control point: through fire and smoke signals locals could communicate wit...

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Capo Vaticano - Route

12 km - easy - flat

The Capo Vaticano tip, called "Belvedere" is a point where the eye, ranging in every direction, is able to observe really beautiful landscapes. From t...

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Reggio Calabria

In the eighth century BC this area was a settlement, and the ancient Rhegion was one of the first Greek colonies in southern Italy. It’s certainly o...

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Scylla and Charybdis (Scilla & Cariddi)

The two rocks placed between mainland Italy and Sicily, overlooking the Messina Straits, are known since antiquity and considered home of two terrible...

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Zungri is located 571 meters a.s.l. on the north side of Mount Poro plateau, 21 Km from Vibo Valentia and 16 km from Tropea.
It’s difficult to da...

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Nicotera is situated in a panoramic position at the border with the province of Reggio Calabria on the Tyrrhenian side.
The origins of Nicotera dat...

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Mileto and Paravati

Mileto is a municipality in the Vibo Valentia’s province. It was founded by the Asian “milesi” driven out by Dario and gained importance during ...

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Spilinga origins are very old and some trace them back to the period of Saracen domination.

Spilinga main attractions:
St. John the Baptists...

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Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia is the youngest of the five Calabria provinces, but it’s one of the oldest towns in Calabria. The earliest traces of human presence da...

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Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a small village perched on the capeland right in the center of the St. Euphemia’s Gulf. Its territory includes a coastline with san...

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Capo Vaticano

“Costa degli Dei” (Gods coast)

Capo Vaticano is one of the most beautiful places in Vibo Valentia province. It is easy to reach of Tropea, on the extreme tip of the splendid rocky p...

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Serra San Bruno

The Serra San Bruno village is in the mountains of the chain called “Serre Vibonesi”, with unspoiled forest surrounded by white fir and chestnut t...

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