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Nicotera is situated in a panoramic position at the border with the province of Reggio Calabria on the Tyrrhenian side.
The origins of Nicotera date from the decline of the Greek Medma, when the inhabitants abandoned the old venue to take refuge in the higher hills, shielded from the Saracen raids. Its present name seems to derive from a surname that means "miracle of the victory." In the eleventh century Roberto il Guiscardo fortified the city and built a mighty castle. The old town is located on a slight slope, with a great view of the Gioia Tauro’s plain. The old historical center preserves a grid of streets, with houses and beautiful palaces. The old town is a picturesque series of narrow streets, stairways and entrances and it is located under the Norman Castle. Today, the town enjoys a beautiful landscape, including Nicotera Marina, Palmi’s Mount St. Elias, the Messina’s Strait, the Aspromonte and the Aeolian Islands. A true terrace on the sea from which you could admire one of the most beautiful landscapes that Calabria offers. Nicotera is reachable with A3, exit at Rosarno and then take the S.S. 536 towards the sea for about 14 km. It also reachable by train on the Napoli - Reggio Calabria line, stopping at Rosarno Nicotera.

Nicotera main attractions:

Sacred Art Diocesan Museum and the Archaeological Museum, which embraces the whole greek-Roman period. Hours: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Sunday on request.


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