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Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a small village perched on the capeland right in the center of the St. Euphemia’s Gulf. Its territory includes a coastline with sandy beaches and a rocky section. It’s famous for the production of “tarfufo”, and homemade chocolate ice cream. The ancient castle, completed in 1492, became famous because it was the first imprisonment of Joachim Murat, whom was later shot on 13th, October 1815. Murat, who was a faithful believer and follower of Napoleon, had managed to conquer the Kingdom of Naples, but after the Waterloo defeat and the decline of Napoleon, in 1815 attempted to regain the kingdom with a landing on the Calabria’s coast. Murat was arrested by Ferdinand IV and his Bourbon’s soldiers, Murat was imprisoned in the Pizzo’s castle and then shot.

Pizzo Calabro main attractions
Piedigrotta’s Church: this amazing church is entirely excavated in the tuffaceous rocks on the La Madonnella beach. Opening Hours: http://www.chiesadipiedigrotta.it/orari-tariffe/

Murat Castle: the castle's history is linked to the Joachim Murat’s death, (King of Naples, brave man who tried to reconquest of his kingdom, instead found death. Opening Hours: http://www.castellomurat.it/orari-tariffe/#

Republic Square: overlooks a wide stretch of coast, while on the other side stands the Immaculate’s Church, built in 1750.


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