Historical-cultural-artistic itinerary


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Where the land and the sea meet, Tropea rises: it is an evocative place, full of mystery and magic, that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Located in the heart of the famous Coast of the Gods, in Calabria, it has a unique structure: the upper part, located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, is the one where the main daily activities take place. The lower part, close to a crystal-clear sea that earned the town the famous blue flag, is called marina and is the seat of the port of Tropea.

Its origins fall between myth and legend: its foundation is attributed to none other than Hercules, on his return from the Strait of Gibraltar. In accordance with tradition, the demigod baptised the town as Portercole, in his own honour, or as Tropea in honour of his nurse, Juno. It is therefore no coincidence that in the surrounding areas there are a large number of tombs of Magno-Greek origin.
The entire area, as already mentioned, is known as the Coast of the Gods, and has been famous since ancient times for its scenic beauty – so much so that even the deities, so enamoured with its incredible atmospheres, chose these places as their home.

In Tropea, you will have the opportunity to walk along beaches with white sand, admire the jagged rocks that play hide and seek among the marine foam and discover several hidden coves. Explore the area’s coves, little gems suspended between land and sea immersed in unspoiled nature, where the silence is broken only by the splash of the waves and the slight whisper of the wind.