A city of art

Reggio Calabria

In the eighth century BC this area was a settlement, and the ancient Rhegion was one of the first Greek colonies in southern Italy.

It’s certainly one of the oldest towns in Europe, and in the third millennium BC it was inhabited by indigenous peoples as the Ausoni and the Itali. Today Reggio is the largest and most populous city in Calabria, rich in history and culture, a city of art. The real wealth of Reggio Calabria is its artistic and cultural heritage formed across an ultra ancient history. Discover the magnificent cathedral dedicated to Saint Lady Maria Assunta and the remains of the Aragonese Castle built around 536 A.D. by the Belisario’s Byzantines, and later remodeled and equipped with powerful towers during the Aragonese period.

Reggio Calabria is a city full of art houses and museums. The most famous is the National Archeological of Ancient Greece, which displays numerous archaeological findings coming from excavations in the entire region, including the famous “Riace Warriors” o “Riace bronzes”, symbol of the city and of the entire region. We also recommend a walk on the beautiful Reggio’s promenade, where you can find several cafes for a drink or a delicious slushy.

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AddressReggio Calabria, , 89121, Italy