The most famous and popular resort of Calabria


In the center of the beautiful Costa degli Dei “Gods’ coast”, on the Tyrrhenian Sea not far from Vibo Valentia, Tropea is the most famous and popular resort town of Calabria. Many historians attribute the city’s foundation to Scipio Africanus.

After the conquest of Carthage that took place in 209 BC, Scipio Africanus was on his way back to Rome when he arrived in the Cape Vaticano promontory’s neighborhood, where he then ordered the construction of a city that called Tropea.

The town, of medieval structure, is dominated by a number of seventeenth-century palaces. From the main square, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, you could reach a panoramic balcony from which you can admire the Saint Leonardo’s rock and the small Santa Maria’s island. The old town in Tropea as a particular interest, with the ‘700 and ‘800’s palaces, perched on the cliff overlooking the sea, with the beautiful white beach below.

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AddressTropea, Vibo Valentia, 89861, Italia