Fall in love with the beaches of Tropea: fine sand, white rocks and crystal clear sea
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The beach of Tropea

The beaches of Tropea, unique and pristine beauties, can be reached in less than 5 minutes from the Rocca della Sena, avoiding traffic and parking problems. A staircase of about 180 steps placed directly on our terrace, separates us from the sea of ​​Tropea, defined a natural paradise, envied and desired by many. It is possible to book at the affiliated lido, taking advantage of the beach umbrella with the sunbeds, the bar and the restaurant, or go to the free beach.

Along the seafront, you can choose and admire, among others, Marina del Convento, the "linguata", close to the island of Tropea, and the best known: the "small sea". Also not to be missed is the "Paradiso del Sub" beach in Zambrone and the coves of Capo Vaticano, both just over 10 kilometers from the hotel.

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