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Brattirò wine

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We have talked about ingredients and sweet treats: now it’s time to move on to wines!
In fact, Calabria is not only famous for its food, but also for its vineyards from which, as in this case, very high quality beverages are extracted.

But let’s go in order, starting by talking about Brattirò, a small fraction of the municipality of Drapia, in the Vibo Valentia region. Located on a hill near a spring from which, it is said, it takes its name (brattirò comes in fact from britarium, a Greek word, translatable as “which springs”) is renowned for the quality of its vineyards.

Now let’s talk about the real protagonist of this place: wine.

With a ruby red colour, it has a sweet aftertaste that can remind the most trained palates of that of plum jam. It pairs incredibly with medium-aged cheeses, such as the aforementioned Pecorino del Monte Poro, or with cured meats and sausages with a rich taste such as ‘nduja.

The Brattirò wine festival is definitely one to note, it is an annual event – as is traditional – that takes place every summer along the Coast of the Gods. Famous to the point of gathering thousands of people, it is an unmissable opportunity to taste the wine of Brattirò, pairing it with typical ingredients of the area.

Everything is served free of charge to visitors, who can walk along the main street of the village tasting the different combinations offered by the various stands in total freedom and only later, possibly buying a few bottles.