Enogastronomic itinerary

Fileja – fresh pasta

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After Tropea and Spilinga, we will move to Vibo Valentia, the place of origin of Fileja.
A traditional dish of the city, the only place where it was possible to find it until a few years ago, it has begun to reach an increasingly wide audience in recent years, to go beyond the borders of Calabria and it has come to be used, today, also in the dishes of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Fileja is a traditional fresh pasta recipe, whose name is linked to the iron with which its characteristic shape is created. Handed down by generations and generations of Vibonese, the recipe is distinguished by the absence of eggs in the dough, which is created only with hot water and flour. It is then be the various condiments and sauces that give the fileja its characteristic taste.

You can eat it fresh, or dry it and store it properly for future use – in particular, one of the most famous recipes is the one that involves seasoning it with nduja di spilinga and Tropea red onion.