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Pecorino del monte Poro DOC

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Let’s move now to the entire area of the Vibo Valentia region, comprising not only one municipality, but all the 27 that make it up: from San Nicolò to Maierato and from Nicotera to Pizzo. You
may be wondering how a production can be so extensive, well, here you have it, we are talking about Pecorino del Monte Poro, a typical dairy product of these areas.

The peculiarity of this pecorino is that, in addition to the use of raw and whole sheep’s milk, this must be obtained from two different milkings: one carried out in the evening, and one the next morning, strictly from animals bred in a semi-wild state.

Another interesting detail is the breakage of the curd, which is carried out using only a ‘rodu’, a wooden tool typical of these areas that, once the curd is processed, will reduce it into pieces no larger than a grain of rice.

The shape of pecorino cheese, then, subsequently aged for two to six months, will acquire an exquisitely hazelnut-like flavour. The taste is made more intense and fragrant by the presence of aromas of wild flowers, such as gorse, myrtle and hawthorn, typical of the different areas of Vibo Valentia. Depending on the ageing of the pecorino, then, you will have a bouquet of different aromas and flavours: in both, however, it is customary to combine the cheese with olive oil and crushed chilli pepper.