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Pizzo truffle

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After so many ingredients, let’s now move on to a processed dish that is typical of these areas – a real delicacy for your taste buds!
We are talking about tartufo di Pizzo Calabro, a municipality of Vibo Valentia known for its gastronomic production.

It was conceived in 1952 in what seems to have been a pure stroke of luck by the master Giuseppe de Maria. The story of its creation is simple to the point of being almost funny: after running out of moulds for packaging loose ice cream during a wedding, de Maria simply decided to opt for a creative solution, overlapping inside the palm of his hand hazelnut ice cream and chocolate ice cream (inside which he inserted melted chocolate) finally wrapping everything in a sheet of aluminum foil before freezing it.

Before serving it to the guests, he sprinkled it with bitter cocoa and sugar, eliciting such enthusiasm from the diners that it convinced him, at that point, to serve it again on several occasions before proceeding to turn it into a real bestseller.

Strictly handmade, tartufo di Pizzo cannot be simply described, it must be tasted: the enveloping sensation of melted chocolate, mixed with the freshest of hazelnuts whose aftertaste will remain in your mouth with each bite is absolutely unforgettable.