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Red Onion of Tropea

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Let’s start with one of the most famous and delicious products in our area: the Tropea Calabria PGI red onion.

Its origins, like many, have been lost over time – although historical sources seem to agree that the Greeks and Phoenicians introduced it to the Mediterranean basin.

It has been a staple food on the tables of Vibo Valentia residents since the Middle Ages, when its trade began to spread first in Tunisia, then in Algeria, until it returned to the Greeks, who first imported it into Italy.

Known mainly for its round or slightly elongated and ovoid shape, it has a particularly sweet taste, which makes it crunchy gives it a pleasant bite.

To learn more, or to fully immerse yourself in the world of this unique and tasty food, we recommend the Tropea Experience, the red onion festival. Held every year between April and May, it is not only a real showcase for Calabrian excellence, but also an opportunity to witness the work of international chefs and enjoy the presence of real food influencers.