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Pizzo Calabro

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How could we not tell you about Pizzo Calabro? A perfect tourist destination both in summer and in winter thanks to its mild climate, like Tropea it has origins that blend into legend. Built, according to the myth, by a group of people who escaped the Trojan War, it is a town full of history and attractions not to be missed by history enthusiasts.
We recommend:

  • Castello di Pizzo
    Also known as Castello di Murat, in honour of Gioacchino Murat, king of Naples, who spent his last days in captivity there.
    Inside the structure you can admire a real historical reconstruction of the last moments of Murat’s life: from his detention in the cells to his trial, until the writing of his farewell letters.
  • Church of Piedigrotta
    A place of worship of ancient origin, its interiors are carved directly into the tuff rock. It houses several statues, also in tuff, of exquisite workmanship. The ideal time for a visit is in the afternoon, when the sun’s rays slip inside the grotto, lighting up the walls with a thousand different reflections.

Other attractions to absolutely devote a few moments to are the Christopher Columbus promenade, and the Cathedral of San Giorgio Martire – inside which the remains of Giacchino Murat are kept.